Dust Safety Science Podcast: Using 3D Scanning in Processing Facilities

How 3D scanning can make a positive difference in safety at processing facilities

Casey Shockey, President, Chief Engineering PLLC

Dust Safety Science is an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of combustible dust hazards and safety within the bulk solids handling industry. We’re a proud member of this organization, and we’ve learned incredibly helpful information from leaders and members within the group that helps us ensure the safety of our customers.

One of my favorite resources is the Dust Safety Science Podcast, a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Chris Cloney, Managing Director and Lead Researcher at DustEx Research. I was honored to have been featured in episode 94: Use of 3D Scanning in Processing Facilities. In this episode, we discuss the following topics:

  • How does 3D scanning benefit processing facilities?
  • How can it be used in facilities handling combustible dust?
  • How can facilities prepare for a scan?

Listen to the full episode here: ​https://dustsafetyscience.com/3d-scanning-casey-shockey/


“You can really take a hazard assessment to the next level by literally seeing the equipment, seeing how it’s arranged, pointing out everything that needs to be fixed, and pointing out the things that are right with the system. Because a customer knows generally where their gaps are and they don’t really get praise on what they’re doing right. But this gives you the ability to get that all into one place.”

Thank you again to Dr. Chris Cloney for having me on the podcast and for the great work he and his team are doing at Dust Safety Science. Make sure to check out dustsafetyscience.com for the latest and greatest in combustible dust research and safety advice, and contact me at casey@chiefengineering.us if you’re interested in learning more about using 3D scanning in your facility