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Your success hinges on exceptional talent. Our engineering experience and technology allow for a seamless implementation of your vision. At Chief Engineering, we strive to provide:


Detailed and actionable deliverables based on cutting-edge technology.


Engineers who quickly adapt to any changes before a problem emerges.


A team of responsive engineers that are eager to work through every scenario with you.


Projects that meet your schedule and budget.

Whether you need additional engineering capacity or your current engineering vendor isn’t cutting it, we can help.

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engineer consulting


Our professional engineers provide turn-key mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural services to meet your company’s needs.

3d scanning for engineers

3D Scanning

The revolutionary way to collect data quickly and accurately, our 3D scanning portfolio includes terrestrial, aerial, and detailed-object metrology.

engineering design


From concept to completion and everything in between, our team utilizes state-of-the-art engineering technology to deliver the best designs in the business.

engineering project implementation

Project Implementation

We have strategic partnerships and a unique vendor vetting process that allow us to provide services from project start to completion.

Companies That Trust Chief Engineering

I look forward to doing more work with Chief Engineering. As an engineering firm, they’re reactive and get us in as soon as possible. It’s important for us to have timely solutions to our problems. In comparison to other vendors who were not as attentive to detail and timelines, Chief Engineering stands out.
Plant Manager
Chemical/Pharmaceutical Industry
I’ve said that if you bring in Chief Engineering before the project starts, it makes your customers feel more comfortable. It helps us know that we’ll for sure be able to meet our customers’ expectations with the least amount of headaches and change orders possible.
Industrial Manufacturer Representative

Chief Engineering is at the intersection of expertise, creativity, and technology.

Our team works alongside our clients to understand their goals and help them achieve their visions, no matter the complexity. We look at every viable option to determine the best path forward, utilizing game-changing technology — including 3D scanners, powerful engineering workstations, and virtual and augmented reality — to explore every possibility. In the end, our customers have actionable plans that can help turn their vision into a reality.

design example

Employee Spotlight

Chad Williamson

Chad Williamson

Design Manager

Dylan Shockey

Dylan Shockey

Project Manager

Kerei Bakhytkhanuly

Kerei Bakhytkhanuly

Design Engineer

Caleb Lee

Caleb Lee

Scan Technician

Chad Williamson

Chad Williamson

Chad Williamson brings a wide range of design experience to Chief Engineering and serves as the team’s design manager. Originally from Titusville, FL, Chad has experience designing houses, trusses, townhomes, shell-type power transformers, conveyor systems, baggage-handling systems, steel support structures, and more.

His experience in the design industry began at a very young age when he started taking drafting classes in high school. When the Spacecraft Trust called his teacher asking for drafter recommendations, Chad was recommended and ended up working for the company for ten years. During that time, Chad also earned his Associate of Arts in Engineering from Eastern Florida State College.

In 1995, Chad began working as a CAD drafter and later as a truss designer in Melbourne, Florida, where he gained experience in AutoCAD, modifying architectural designs and truss layouts. He gained more experience in truss layouts before completing extensive training courses on core-type and shell-type transformers. His experience with shell-type transformers led to a career move to Mitsubishi Electric in Memphis, TN. From there, he moved into conveyor design before joining the Chief Engineering team in 2022.

In addition to his 28+ years of vast experience in the design industry, Chad is Solidworks CSWP and CSWA certified with five years of experience in Revit. He enjoys working on research and design projects at Chief Engineering — the backbone of the industry — especially when he’s able to deliver 3d asset files to his clients. Outside of work, Chad enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family.

Dylan Shockey

Dylan Shockey

Dylan Shockey brings more than 10 years of engineering experience to the Chief Engineering team. Dylan first joined Chief Engineering in October 2019 and was promoted to Project Manager in May 2022. He is a dust collection and NFPA specialist and has extensive knowledge in the field of manufacturing from his previous roles.

At the University of Mississippi, Dylan excelled in calculus and recognized his desire to help revolutionize mechanical engineering and improve the world around him. Outside of his studies, he completed three terms of a Body Welding Production Engineering Co-op with Toyota in Blue Springs, MS. He gained extensive knowledge in designing and assisting in improving the performance of safety walks, machine confirmation, plant start-ups, and Kanban. In 2017, Dylan graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Before joining Chief Engineering, Dylan worked as a Total Industrial Engineer at an automotive manufacturing company where he led reduction projects from procurement to completion. Additionally, he began teaching associates and management on Standardized Work Kaizen and TPS Principles.

Dylan and his wife live in Memphis, TN, and he enjoys working on projects with his colleagues and assisting in the customer’s process, especially when he’s able to use his background in TIE (total industrial engineer) to increase the efficiency of projects. Outside of work, Dylan enjoys serving as a high school boys varsity lacrosse head coach in Cordova, TN.

Kerei Bakhytkhanuly

Kerei Bakhytkhanuly

Kerei Bakhytkhanuly first joined Chief Engineering as an intern in 2020 and was promoted to Design Engineer in January 2021. Kerei brings to the team experience in both structural and mechanical designs among many other engineering skills.

After living in Kazakhstan until the age of 18, he began researching American universities with engineering programs. Mississippi State University, which has a reputable engineering program, offered him the most opportunities with a combination of scholarships and internship availability.

As a research assistant at Mississippi State, Kerei spent countless hours in the Autonomous System Research Laboratory (ASRL) where he worked on projects such as a Spherical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SUAV) and a Robust Radiation Mapping System for UAVs. Outside of his studies, he completed a mechanical engineering co-op with Hunter Fan Company in Memphis, TN, where he gained experience operating Fortus 3D printing, Creo, and LabView. In 2020, Kerei graduated from MSU with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering.

Kerei is a certified FAA Part 107 UAS Pilot and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB). He has CAD proficiency in Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Creo Parametric, and AutoCAD. He is Chief Engineering’s lead detailed-object 3D scanning engineer, having completed Creaform training in HandySCAN, VX Model, and VX Inspect.

Kerei is especially talented at structural and mechanical engineering design. He is fluent in English and Russian and knowledgeable in both German and Spanish. In his free time, Kerei enjoys working out, playing soccer, and cheering for his favorite soccer team, Barcelona.

Caleb Lee

Caleb Lee

Caleb Lee, a scan technician who joined Chief Engineering in November 2021, also serves as a 12B combat engineer in the Army National Guard.

Caleb was born and raised in Olive Branch, MS. He has worked across many industries, including lumber, automotive, and transportation.

Before joining Chief Engineering, Caleb signed a contract with the Army National Guard and began the Split Training Option. He completed partial training during his junior year and finished the training after his senior year. Caleb undergoes additional training throughout the year where he has learned about basic explosive hazards, building bridges and outposts, and operating heavy equipment.

Caleb was inspired to join Chief Engineering after watching his father work in the same industry. His position as a scan technician has led him all over the US, from Illinois to Texas to Florida. Caleb has scanned facilities that manufacture rail ties, lumber, aluminum air conditioners, drywall, and sorbent minerals. While Caleb currently specializes in terrestrial 3D scanning, his plan is to learn to operate more of the 3D scanning equipment, including earning his FAA UAS PART 107 license to operate UAVs.

Outside of work, Caleb enjoys spending time on the lake with his friends and family.

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